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I am a Humanistic Integrative practitioner with Person Centred Approach as my foundation. What this means is that throughout all of the work that we do together - you are always the expert in the room and the centre of all of our work.


I have been trained in Person Centered, Transactional Analysis, Mindfulness, CBT, and Solutions Focused therapies. I understand that there is no one size of therapy to suit all clients. My therapeutic 'tool box' contains many tools to aid us as we construct a more effective way of being for you.


The Humanistic Approach encourages self-awareness and self-realisation. As I have said above, I believe that you are the expert on your thoughts, feelings, and behaviour. Together we would be embarking on a journey to learn to understand how negative responses to life experiences can lead to psychological and physical discomfort.

I have counselled people with a wide range of issues including-

Chronic illness

Sexual violence




Domestic violence

Suicidal ideation

Animal bereavement


Childhood abuse

Relationship issues


Disturbed sleep

Honour-based violence

Pregnancy loss

Women's issues

Post-Natal depression

Anger management



Approach: Welcome
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"Stephanie was warm and authentic from the outset.

I found her very easy to talk to. I cried lots during counselling but there was so much laughter too.

I really loved our sessions.

She helped me turn my life around."

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