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I am an intersectional and fat-positive counsellor. I am also a warm, reliable, spirited, empathetic, dedicated, and forthright autistic therapist. I take my role as your counsellor very seriously, though I recognise humour has its place within the therapy room as well.

I have studied, and am trained, at diploma and BA Hons level and am currently studying for an MA in Trauma Studies. I understand that professional development is a career-long endeavour. 

I also recognise that self-care is an integral part of the counsellors life and with this in mind I enjoy walking, yoga, mindfulness, reading, cooking, film and theatre, and music.

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"Stephanie helped me move out of a long tunnel of anxiety and fear. I was newly out of prison and feeling very traumatised and she offered me a safe place to explore my anxiety. She is a very gifted therapist. I really do feel like myself again."

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